We caught up with the legendary WizardSkull for this weeks interview! If you don’t know who Wizard Skull is, prepare to be a amazed. When I first saw his artwork, it immediately peaked my interest and I know it will do the same for you. His overall great personality is only surpassed by his talent.

1. What do your friends call you/any other nicknames/alias? 


2. Where do you call home? Do you feel like that environment influenced your art?

Bedsty Brooklyn. I don’t think it has much or any influence on my art as far as content. The city is expensive which makes it difficult to have money/free time, and there’s also so many artists to meet and shows to see. That’s basically the trade off anyone living in the city has to deal with: Managing time and money.

3. Tell me who is ______ in 1 sentence?

WizardSkull is an artist.

4. What made you want to be an artist?

Made me? Nothing is making me. I choose to make art. If you want to be something, that makes you a wanna be. I’m not a wanna be. I don’t want to be anything. I am just me. I make art, therefore I’m an artist.

5. Where would you say you are in your career as an artist, and how does that compare to where you were a year ago?

I make art. I don’t think about career. A year ago I made art, now I make art. Nothing has changed.

6. Do you believe in Extraterrestrials? Any times you thought you may have seen a UFO?

I don’t have any passionate views on this topic worth expressing.

7. Sativa or Indica? Why? Don’t smoke? Why? 

One makes you sleepy right? You would need to tell me what the difference between the two is for me to tell you which I’d prefer. I guess I could google it but I really don’t care enough about weed to bother to do that.

8. Would you rather collab with one of your influences or a relevant artist today?

I don’t really understand this question. Is a relevant artist today incapable of having influence? It sounds like your asking if I rather collab with someone whose art I have a personal connection with or with someone I don’t give a shit about them or their art but they are popular.

9. Any weird collectibles?

Weird is subjective. I know we all have our own ideas about certain truths, for me being an artist is not just about making art, its a way of thinking, and that way of thinking is just as important maybe more important than making the art. An artist should be a free thinker unbound to stereotypes of what’s normal prevalent in popular culture. What’s considered weird or normal changes from culture, from person and over time. Artists should let themselves be free to think and form their own ideas about the world, and in doing so will not view the world through labels like weird.

10. Are you superstitious?


11. Who are your biggest influences?

I have some problems with this question, As a kid I read a lot of Dr. Suess and enjoyed the characters and worlds he created. I’m not going to say he is my biggest influence though, his wife dying of cancer killed herself because she couldn’t handle the emotional pain of him having an affair on her. Also early in his career he drew many racist political cartoons. I’m not going to say someone who drew racist cartoons is my influence. It’s not just dr suess who I don’t want to label as my biggest influence though, it’s the idea of placing anyone in that position or idolizing a person based on their artistic accomplishments doesn’t appeal to me. I’m here to bring my own ideas into the world, not to let someone influence me so I can produce a water down version of their idea. We should all aspire to share our own ideas and art with the world. I don’t want to be influenced, I want to be inspired. The problem I have with this question is the idea that it suggests I already have a set group of people that have influenced me. I believe we should approach life with the idea that every person has value and we can learn or be inspired by them. If you want to grow as a person, as an artist, you need to recognize this. We can’t wake up and think, okay I have my influences set. We need to wake up ready to find inspiration in everything, let yourself find inspiration from an artist that sets up on the street or in the subway, An artist displaying in a cafe or a museum. We can’t let ourselves fall into the idea of hierarchy, where we start to believe only those at certain levels of success are worth looking at for inspiration. The way we think and approach the world is essential to being an artist. We need to always be open to growing. So I can’t say who my influences are because I idolize no one, I just approach life with the idea that inspiration can be found in what I see anyone doing.

12. What is the best place to eat in your hometown?

The best…? I just don’t think about things like that, I’m not going through life trying to label people, places etc as the best. That’s a really arrogant and naive way to live. Who am I to say what is the best? Maybe there is one place I enjoy eating more than others but I’m not going to tell everyone that’s the best. I haven’t immersed myself in food culture, Im not a chef, I haven’t gone to culinary school. How could I possibly put my own uninformed personal opinion out there and claim it as the best. I could say where I like to eat but what is anyone going to do with that information. Everyone eats food, you might as well stop a random person on the street and ask them

13. What is your ultimate goal as an artist? Fame? Money? A message?

If you are looking for fame and money you aren’t an artist in my opinion. Art should be about sharing ideas, expressing yourself, learning and exploring ideas. If you are doing something for fame or money that means how others feel about your art becomes more important than how you feel about it because it’s just about validating your art through fame and money. I don’t need either of those to find validation in the worth of my art. My art is priceless to me.

14. How many unreleased songs/pieces do you think you have in your arsenal? Any big releases to be expected for this year?

All of my music is unreleased, but also I haven’t made any songs to release. But if you are asking me to just think about how many I have, I’d say probably three albums worth. I’d need to learn to play an instrument or spend some time writing songs, and I guess learn all about how to record things and microphones.. you know all the tools a musician uses. I think once I did that, I could translate all of my life experience into three albums at this point. I’d have to stop spending all my time on visual art though. And I’m just guessing about what I think my potential output could be. The question to me sounds like your asking me to answer in that way though. As far as releases.. I don’t know. Maybe next week I’ll paint something, maybe I’ll sculpt something, or create an animation. I’m just going to do whatever I feel like, I don’t have any master plan.

15. Why should I be interested in you? Where can I find you?

What??? You emailed me! I didn’t ask you to interview me! I’m not gonna justify why I’m worth interest when you are the one that approached me. I’m not out here trying to convince people of my value. I make my art and I share my art, and I tell people I make art. I don’t tell people they should be interested in my art, that’s for them to decide. WizardSkull.com or @wizardskull on Instagram if you want to see.

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