Augusto is an awesome artist from Brazil who has developed a truly unique style over the years. We first met in an illustration class a few years back and I was instantly captivated by his work and I think anyone visiting this site will have that same feeling.

1. What do your friends call you/any other nicknames/alias? 

Guto (it may be hard to pronounce in english hahaha)

2. Where do you call home? Do you feel like that environment influenced your art?

Nowadays the place I call home is the same I lived most of my childhood. An apartment in Santa Maria, a small city in the Southernmost state of Brazil. I think that the environment influences the way we live and perceive/see and think the world and the things around us and it is reflected in the art we create.

3. Tell me who is ______ in 1 sentence?

Guto is a southern Brazilian guy who loves drawing ideas.
Augusto Zambonato Printmaking Piece 10

4. What made you want to be an artist?

The possibility to make a living doing something that I love, that excites me and is always a challenge…

5. Where would you say you are in your career as an artist, and how does that compare to where you were a year ago?

I’m just starting out. I’s my second year as a freelance illustrator and I finally feel it’s the right time to go full-time freelance (I worked part-time as a graphic designer at a design and communication agency from my graduation till this month). I can see my work and career evolving every year, but I know I have a lot to learn and lots of things to experiment.
Augusto Zambonato Printmaking Piece 9

6. Do you believe in Extraterrestrials? Any times you thought you may have seen a UFO?

Don’t know if I believe in extraterrestrials, but I certainly don’t doubt they can exist

7. Sativa or Indica? Why? Don’t smoke? Why? 

Don’t smoke 🙂

8. Would you rather collab with one of your influences or a relevant artist today?

I’d love to collab with my influences. Getting to know the process and the way they think/plan their work would certainly be an amazing experience. I’d also love to ask them some questions

9. Any weird collectibles?

I collect vintage/analogue cameras, but don’t think they’re weird… hahaha

Augusto Zambonato Printmaking Piece 8

10. Are you superstitious?


11. Who are your biggest influences?

My work is influenced by almost everything I see, but I’d say it’s directly influenced by the bold colors and design of posters from the WWII and the Cuban Revolution, the shapes and textures of northern Brazilian woodcut engravings “Xilografias de cordel” and the humor on Ziraldo’s posters (a Brazilian illustrator and cartoonist from the 60s). Besides that, I love some contemporary illustrators such as Noma Bar, Magoz and Max Kisman, and their use of minimal shapes to create strong conceptual illustrations have also influenced my work.  

Augusto Zambonato Printmaking Piece 4

12. What is the best place to eat in your hometown?

One of the places I like the most is “Miau”. They serve a Brazilian version of something like a Kebab-hot dog that is amazingly delicious!

13. What is your ultimate goal as an artist? Fame? Money? A message?

This one is really hard… I do want to make money with my work and make a living out of it. I also want to share the message that images are powerful and a mean of communication that exceed the language barriers.

14. How many unreleased songs/pieces do you think you have in your arsenal? Any big releases to be expected for this year?

I’ve been working on a series of personal black and white illustrations I hope to release next month. I also plan to redesign my website and open an online store to sell prints and some original linocut prints later this year 🙂

15. Your work has a look that truly expresses printmaking, how do you achieve that? do you do it with traditional techniques or digitally?

I usually mix traditional and digital techniques. I like to start the illustrations with a basic linocut print (with one or two layers/colors) and work over it digitally to add details, adjust the colors and fix anything that isn’t looking great. Sometimes the deadline is too tight and I don’t have time to cut out the linoleum and make a print so I created some brushes and a stock of textures from my prints to use when the work is all digital. 

Augusto Zambonato Printmaking Piece 2

16. What led you to develop this printmaking style? Do you plan on sticking to this style for the foreseeable future or are you working on something different?

I developed this style out of curiosity… I experimented a lot of materials and techniques for making my illustrations wile in college and when I tried to make a linocut print I felt “this is it”. The limitations of the blocks, the “accidents” on the printing process and unintentional marks that get printed provided me the limitations and possibilities I was looking for.


17. You clearly respect simplicity over complex illustrations, can you speak on that at all.

I love the idea of an “optimized communication”, which provides the maximum of meaning through saying/showing the minimum. I try to apply that idea on everything I can, including my illustrations.

Augusto Zambonato Printmaking Piece 6

18. If someone is interested in learning more about you, Where can they find you?

On my website:
my agent:

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